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A 2012-04-16: Yes, incoming is synonymous with. A 2012-04-16: Incoming. A 2011-06-21: records of incoming outgoing data. A 2011-02-16: anticipated number of incoming car. A 2010-09-03: we use incoming" inspection." A 2009-08-22: incoming fire. A 2009-08-22: incoming. A 2009-08-22: by" incoming in" doesn't' make sens.
INCOMING meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
incoming flights/passengers The airport remains closed to all incoming flights until tomorrow morning. An air filter can be used to cool incoming air. if a telephone call or message is incoming, it is being received rather than sent.: incoming call/fax All incoming calls should be forwarded to voicemail.
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They also have high spatial resolution, resolving incoming images in minute detail. Incoming tides cause a tidal bore in many rivers. Succeeding to an office. The incoming prime minister gave a press conference. Bulgarian: влизащ bg vlizašt, пристигащ bg pristigašt.
Incoming - Definition, Meaning Synonyms
Look up a word, learn it forever. Definitions of incoming. arriving at a place or position. Synonyms: inbound, inward. directed or moving inward or toward a center. appointed but not yet installed in office. elected but not yet installed in office.
Incoming Definition Meaning - Merriam-Webster.
1: taking a new place or position especially as part of a succession the incoming president. 2: just starting or beginning the incoming year. 3: coming in: arriving an incoming ship incoming mail. Definition of incoming Entry 2 of 2.
Incoming - Wikipedia.
Incoming may refer to.: Incoming 1998 video game, a 3D shooter developed by Rage Software for the PC and Dreamcast. Incoming album, an album by British band Blue October, 1998. 2009 video game, a video game for WiiWare developed by JV Games.

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